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HubSpot <> Wingman integration
HubSpot <> Wingman integration

Learn how to setup Wingman's native integration with HubSpot

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Wingman's native integration with HubSpot works with: 

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How to integrate HubSpot with Wingman:

Take the following steps (as a HubSpot Admin)

  1. Go to and login into Wingman.

  2. Go to Workspace settings

  3. Click on integrations

  4. Look for the HubSpot integration

  5. Click on "Connect"

  6. Login into your HubSpot account and accept Wingman's app permissions

That's it. You're done. ✌️

Click the link below to go to integrations settings in Wingman directly:

Note: If you are a rep and want to use Wingman, you can ask HubSpot admins at your company to follow these steps.

Connect HubSpot

Connect HubSpot in Wingman

Connecting Wingman to HubSpot

Clicking 'Connect' in the above step will open up a window. HubSpot will ask you to confirm that you want to connect Wingman to your HubSpot account.

Click 'Connect app' to accept app permissions and complete the Wingman <> HubSpot integration.

Refer to the image below to view the permissions that Wingman requires to connect with HubSpot.

How sales reps and managers can use Wingman's HubSpot integration

Sales Reps

  1. Wingman automatically transcribes and analyzes calls from HubSpot Sales Dialer while keeping it organized and accessible in the Wingman app.

    Wingman automatically imports HubSpot Sales Dialer calls

  2. Wingman imports dialer calls every 30 minutes

  3. Wingman automatically tags call participants

    Wingman transcribes and analyzes HubSpot Sales Dialer calls

  4. Sales reps can view HubSpot CRM info right in Wingman

    View HubSpot CRM info on Call Summary page

  5. Search for keywords across HubSpot emails and calls in Wingman

    View HubSpot email interaction on Wingman's Deal Review page

  6. Reps can update CRM deal info from Wingman with two-way data sync with HubSpot

    1. Wingman pushes call links and meeting notes to HubSpot

    2. Reps can view HubSpot CRM info right in Wingman

    3. Reps can also update opportunity data like deal amount, close date and deal stage in Wingman. Changes will reflect in their org's HubSpot account

Update deal info, stage, or close date in Wingman

— changes automatically reflect in your HubSpot account

Sales Managers/Sales Ops/Sales Enablement

  1. Give your sales teams access to automated call transcripts and analyses made with HubSpot Dialer.

    Wingman transcribes and analyzes HubSpot Sales Dialer calls

  2. Get a more in-depth understanding of the sales calls by correlating trends/analytics in Wingman's dashboard with deal outcomes in the CRM with our two-way HubSpot integration.

    View HubSpot Sales Dialer Call trends in Wingman dashboard

Correlate Wingman Deal Insights with interactivity and outcome

Uninstall HubSpot from Wingman

  1. Navigate to "Workspace Setting" > "Integrations"

  2. Look for the HubSpot integration

  3. Click "Disconnect"

Disconnect HubSpot

Uninstall Wingman from your HubSpot account

To disconnect Wingman from your HubSpot account:

  1. In your HubSpot account, click the Marketplace icon marketplace in the main navigation bar. Under Manage, select Connected apps.

  2. Click Actions on the app you want to disconnect, then click Uninstall.

  3. In the dialog box, type “uninstall” in the text field and click Uninstall.

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