Wingman's native integration with Hubspot works with: 

How to integrate Hubspot with Wingman:

Take the following steps (as a Hubspot Admin)

  1. Go to and login into Wingman.

  2. Go to Workspace settings

  3. Click on integrations

  4. Connect Hubspot

Or click the link below to go to integrations directly

Connect Hubspot

3. Click on the "Connect"
4. Login into your Hubspot account and give all the permissions.

That's it. You're done. ✌️

Note: If you are a rep and want to use Wingman, you can ask Hubspot admins at your company to follow these steps.

How Wingman's Hubspot integration helps sales reps & managers

Sales Reps

  • Get real-time coaching and feedback on sales calls made via Hubspot Dialer.

  • Easily keep your HubSpot CRM updated in real-time with all customer calls and notes, so you always have a complete picture of your pipeline.

  • Capture important moments during a call with one click. Then, share the moments with team members, ask managers for feedback or simply push them as notes to Hubspot CRM. 

Sales Managers/Sales Ops/Sales Enablement

  • Create cue cards that ensure your sales reps always have the right talking points 

  • Give your sales teams access to automated call transcripts and analyses made with Hubspot Dialer.

  • Get a more in-depth understanding of the sales calls by correlating trends/analytics in Wingman dashboard with deal outcomes in the CRM with our 2-way Hubspot integration.

  • Provide feedback to sales reps on the right calls at the right moment by drilling down to coachable moments in calls.

If you face any problem/issue, write to us at or chat with us on the Intercom chat.

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