Wingman's native integration with Hubspot works with: 

Wingman is software for salespeople that helps sales teams close more deals and ramp up new sales reps faster.

Sales Reps

  • Get real-time coaching and feedback on sales calls made via Hubspot Dialer.

  • Easily keep your HubSpot CRM updated in real-time with all customer calls and notes, so you always have a complete picture of your pipeline.

  • Capture important moments during a call with one-click. Then, share the moments with team members, ask managers for feedback or simply push them as notes to Hubspot CRM. 

Sales Managers/Sales Ops/Sales Enablement

  • Create cue-cards that ensure your sales reps always have the right talking points 

  • Give your sales teams access to automated call transcripts and analysis made with Hubspot Dialer.

  • Get a more in-depth understanding of the sales calls by correlating trends/analytics in Wingman dashboard with deal outcomes in the CRM with our 2-way Hubspot integration.

  • Provide feedback to sales reps on the right calls at the right moment by drilling down to coachable moments in calls.

How to enable the Hubspot Integration with Wingman:


  1. Enable CRM Sync with Wingman (as Hubspot admin*)

*If you are a rep and want to use Wingman, you can ask any of the Hubspot admins at your company to follow these steps.

Follow the following steps (as a Hubspot Admin)

  1. Go to and login into Wingman.

  2. Go to Settings -> Admin Integrations or click here:

3. Click on the "Sync" button in the Hubspot option.

4. Login in to your Hubspot account and give all the permissions.

2. Enable real-time prompts (as any user)

  1. Install the Desktop app here

  2. Install the Chrome extension here

That's it. You're done. ✌️
Now, sales reps can use Wingman with Hubspot in their sales calls.

If you face any problem/issue, write to us at or chat with us on the Intercom chat.

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