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Invite a teammate to Wingman
Invite a teammate to Wingman

How to invite your teammates to Wingman (Managers, Reps and Observers)

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Only Admins can invite other teammates to Wingman. You can become an Admin by:

  • Wingman team assigns Admins when your company starts using the tool.

  • Ask an existing Admin to approve you as Admin.

As an Admin, you can invite other teammates into three types of roles:

  • Rep -  Sales Reps, Account Executives, SDRs, etc. People who make sales calls.

  • Manager - Managers of Reps and teams or Sales Enablement or Sales Ops.

  • Observer - Leadership/Management. People not involved in the day to day activities but want to listen to sales conversations and analytics of the sales team.

Note: You can make any of these type of users as Admin also and any type of users can record their calls if they want via Wingman.

How to invite teammates: (As an Admin)

  • Go to "Settings" by clicking on right top corner > then click on "Manage Users"
    or click here:

  • Click on "Invite User"

  • Fill in the fields: Email, Name, Role and Manager (only for Reps)

  • The invited user will get an email with the signup link.

That's it. You're done. ️

For help, write to us at or use the in-app chat widget on the bottom right of the screen.

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