Wingman syncs with a variety of tools used by different Sales teams. It syncs with these types of tools:

  • CRM - ¬†Example: Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc.

  • Dialers - Example: Aircall, Outreach, etc.

  • Video Conferencing Tools - Example: Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

You can check all the integrations supported by Wingman here and detailed guides for understanding use cases & how-to for each of these integrations here.

How to check for syncs?

Which tools/integrations are synced and which ones need syncing?

  • You can check here which tools are synced and which are not.

Some integrations are synced and enabled/disabled on the admin level only.

Example: HubSpot. Only a HubSpot Admin can enable its integration with Wingman for their reps.

You don't need to sync Video Conferencing tools specifically

There is no need for a video conferencing tool sync specifically. Wingman bot joins the calls made with these tools automatically if you:

  • Sync your calendar (Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar) with Wingman.

  • And put the URL of the meeting in the calendar event.¬†

Wingman always keeps on scanning your calendar and detects and joins all your sales calls. You can even see all your upcoming calls in your dashboard; Wingman bot would join all these calls automatically.

What to do for an ad-hoc call? or any call not in your calendar?

You can still make the Wingman bot join your call. Check this article to know how.

If you face any problem/issue, write to us at or chat with us on the Intercom chat.

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