Checking for Syncs

How to check for syncs? Which tools/integrations are synced and which still needs to be synced?

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Wingman syncs with a variety of tools used by different Sales teams. It syncs with these types of tools:

  • CRM -  Example: Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc.

  • Dialers - Example: Aircall, Outreach, etc.

  • Video Conferencing Tools - Example: Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

You can check all the integrations supported by Wingman here and detailed guides for understanding use cases & how-to for each of these integrations here.

How to check for syncs?

Which tools/integrations are synced and which ones need syncing?

  • You can check here which tools are synced and which are not.

Some integrations are synced and enabled/disabled on the admin level only.

Example: HubSpot. Only a HubSpot Admin can enable its integration with Wingman for their reps.

You don't need to sync Video Conferencing tools specifically

There is no need for a video conferencing tool sync specifically. Wingman bot joins the calls made with these tools automatically if you:

  • Sync your calendar (Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar) with Wingman.

  • And put the URL of the meeting in the calendar event. 

Wingman always keeps on scanning your calendar and detects and joins all your sales calls. You can even see all your upcoming calls in your dashboard; Wingman bot would join all these calls automatically.

What to do for an ad-hoc call? or any call not in your calendar?

You can still make the Wingman bot join your call. Check this article to know how.

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