If your calendar is synced, Wingman automatically joins calls that have:

  1. At least one external participant (an email address that does not belong to your organization)

  2. A link to a supported video conference meeting.

However, it is still possible to record internal meetings or ad hoc meetings that are not on the calendar.

Here's how:

  • On the Wingman Dashboard (https://app.trywingman.com), click on "Join My Meeting" button on the bottom left corner.

  • Enter the URL of the call/meeting and optionally a meeting title and meeting attendees and hit Join meeting.

  • Wingman note-taker will attempt to join the meeting within a few minutes.

    Get Wingman to join an ongoing meeting

    For help with any issues, write to us at support@trywingman.com or talk to us using the in-app intercom chat widget.

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