Creating a voice fingerprint to lets Wingman identify reps distinctly in their calls with customers. This is highly recommended for all recording users and takes about 30 seconds.

This involves reading out a passage of text that allows Wingman to create a voice fingerprint and it is highly recommended that reps use the standard headset they'll be using for their meetings.

Here is how to do it:

While on-boarding (when signing up for the first time) -
During on-boarding recording users are prompted to give their voice sample by reading out a passage of text. Click 'Start' to get started.

Alternatively a rep can always setup or edit their voice fingerprint from settings :

  • Click on 'Setup Voice Fingerprint' button.

  • Click on 'Start' and grant browser permissions for using the microphone. 

  • Read out the paragraph and hit stop when done.

  • Click on the play button to ensure it has been recorded correctly and click 'Submit' if it is satisfactory.

If you face any problem/issue, write to us at or chat with us on the Intercom chat.

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