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Connect Slack and Wingman
Connect Slack and Wingman

Stay on top of deals and take action, no matter where you are

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Love Slack? Great, ‘coz Wingman and Slack get along like a house on fire!

  • Pre-call and post-call actions to help you reduce busywork

  • Deal warnings to help you stop revenue leak and boost collaboration

  • Instant notifications for coaching feedback, mentions and shared call views

All it takes is connecting your Slack workspace to Wingman.

Note: You need to be both a Wingman admin and a Slack workspace admin.

Connect your Slack workspace to Wingman

Slack <> Wingman integration
  1. Go to Workspace Settings in your Wingman web app.

  2. Click Integrations on the left and look for Slack.

  3. Click Connect next to the Slack integration.

Your Wingman is now connected to Slack. Now, every user on the team can enable and customize deal alerts as well as pre and post-call actions in a few clicks.

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