If you have synced your calendar, Wingman automatically joins meetings that have:

  1. Atleast one external participant (an email address that does not belong to your organization)

  2. A link to a supported video conference meeting.

If however, you find yourself in a situation outside of this (for example: an internal meeting that needs to be recorded, or a meeting that was not pre-scheduled on the calendar), you can always invite Wingman note-taker to join and record a meeting by using the 'Join My Meeting' button on the dashboard. More detailed instructions here: http://support.trywingman.com/en/articles/3352473-inviting-wingman-note-taker-to-a-meeting

To ensure that meetings are transcribed as soon as as possible, note-taker will exit meetings when participants have all exited the meeting. This sometimes causes issues with meetings where the host joins, starts the meeting and then leaves only to join back later. In such situations, to continue recording the meeting use the 'Join My Meeting' button to invite note-taker back to the meeting.

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