When integrated with Salesforce, Wingman automatically logs calls and notes in Salesforce against relevant leads, contacts and opportunities.

To get started with integrating Salesforce, we need a user who is both:

  • A Salesforce account admin

  • A Wingman admin

One effective way is to invite a Salesforce admin to Wingman as an observer and then mark them as a Wingman admin to enable admin integrations.

This user then needs to:

  1. Go to https://app.trywingman.com/login and login into Wingman.

  2. Go to Settings -> Admin Integrations or click here: https://app.trywingman.com/settings#adminIntegrations

  3. Sync Salesforce

If you do not see the option to Sync Salesforce, please reach out to support@trywingman.com or your account rep to enable it for your team.

Once integrated, Wingman will push tasks to Salesforce after every call and associate them with the relevant leads, contacts and Opportunities in Salesforce.

When reviewing a call on Wingman, Wingman will also bring in details such as deal stage and size along with other relevant information into the call review page.

For help, write to us at support@trywingman.com or use the in-app chat widget on the bottom right of the screen.

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