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Salesforce <> Wingman integration
Salesforce <> Wingman integration

Learn about Wingman's Salesforce integration and how it works

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Note: This integration is available only for 'Accelerator' and 'Enterprise' subscriptions

Note: To integrate Salesforce, you need to be a user who is both:

  • A Salesforce account admin

  • And a Wingman admin


How to enable the Wigman <> Salesforce integration

Once complete, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and login into Wingman.

  2. Go to Workspace settings

  3. Click on integrations

  4. Connect Salesforce

If you do not see the option to Sync Salesforce, please reach out to or your account rep to enable it for your team.

Integrate Salesforce with Wingman

Once integrated, Wingman will push tasks to Salesforce after every call and associate them with the relevant leads, contacts and Opportunities in Salesforce.

What Salesforce CRM information can I view in Wingman?

The Wingman <> Salesforce integration is two-way, so you can view Salesforce CRM information in Wingman too.

For better context when viewing a call, Wingman displays:

  • The connected account with which the contact is associated

  • Deal value

  • Deal stage

  • Key stakeholder

  • All emails associated with the account

  • By making deal info and email conversations available in Wingman, users can:

    • Update deal properties right from Wingman. Only deal owners and managers can do this.

    • Segment and listen to calls by deal stage/value or key stakeholder

    • View email convos within Wingman and quickly trace back to exact words or topics discussed over email.

How to map custom properties between Wingman and Salesforce

Accounts that have the Salesforce <> Wingman integration enabled can begin mapping custom fields under 'Salesforce CRM Settings' in Workspace settings.

Note: Wingman field names are pre-determined and cannot be edited

  1. Click the dropdown list under 'Salesforce field name'

  2. Against each Wingman field—select the corresponding Salesforce field that you want to sync

Once complete, Wingman will sync call metrics/metadata after every call. Here's what that'll look like in your Salesforce account:

Wingman Call Metadata in Salesforce

Wingman Call Metadata in Salesforce

When integrated with Salesforce, Wingman automatically logs calls and call metrics in Salesforce against relevant leads, contacts and opportunities.

List of call metrics/metadata that you can choose to sync between Wingman and Salesforce:

  1. Call Duration - (Number, in Seconds)

  2. Call Time - (Date)

  3. Call title - (String)

  4. Call Link - (Url)

  5. Attendees - (CSV of email ids, String)

  6. Reps - (CSV of email ids, String)

  7. External attendees - (CSV of email ids, String)

  8. Interactivity - (Number)

  9. TL Ratio - (Number)

  10. No. of Engaging questions - (Number)

  11. Longest Monologue - (Number, in seconds)

  12. Topics discussed - (Multipicklist or CSV of Topic names, String)

  13. Competitors mentioned - (Multipicklist or CSV of Competitor names, String)

  14. Call Type - (Type of call eg. ZOOM, Google Meet, String)

Learn more about how Wingman syncs calls to leads/contacts in Salesforce here.

For help, write to us at or use the in-app chat widget on the bottom right of the screen.

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