Integrating Aircall with Wingman automatically brings in recordings from Wingman to be transcribed, analyzed and made available for coaching.

Aircall is available as an admin integration and can be enabled by any admin. To get started, you will need an API ID and API Token from Aircall.

To generate them, log into Aircall and go to your company’s settings. In the API Keys section, click on 'Add a new API key' and get your API ID and your API token. More details here: 

Then log in to Wingman and navigate to 'Settings'->'Admin Integrations' or click here: . Click on 'Sync' Aircall. If you do not see Aircall as an option here, please contact or use the in-app chat and our support team will enable the integration for your team.

Clicking on Sync opens a pop up where you can enter the API ID and API Key that was retrieved from Aircall in an earlier step. 

Click 'Sync Aircall' and this should be all set.

Call recordings will be downloaded by Wingman automatically soon after they are available in Aircall and processed. Currently, Wingman checks every 10 mins for new recordings.

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