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With the instruments check done, let’s spool up by recording your first meeting and reviewing it!

Record your first meeting

First things first, Wingman can join two types of calls/meetings:

  • Scheduled calls on your calendar: Wingman will only join meetings with a video link and at least one participant from an external email domain (not the same as your team). This is to avoid automatically recording internal meetings, but you can manually toggle recording on/off for scheduled meetings.

  • Unscheduled, ad hoc calls: You can add Wingman to any ad hoc meeting. Let’s see how.

Toggle recording on/off for scheduled meetings

Toggle recording on/off for scheduled meetings

Add Wingman to an ad hoc meeting

  • Start/join your call on Zoom/Google Meet and copy the meeting link.

  • Go to https://app.trywingman.com/ (the web app) and click on Join my meeting.

Add Wingman to an unscheduled, ad hoc meeting

Add Wingman to an unscheduled, ad hoc meeting

  • The copied meeting link is pasted automatically.

  • Add an attendee's name and give the meeting a title. This is optional, but we recommend you take a few seconds to do it because when you add an attendee name, Wingman pulls up relevant info from your CRM. Plus, it’s easier to find a meeting with a title later on.

  • Click on Join meeting. Wingman will join your meeting in a few seconds.


  • Easily toggle recording on/off for upcoming meetings in My Calls.

Once you invited Wingman to your meeting, admit Wingman into your video meeting when prompted. Once the meeting ends, give Wingman a few minutes to work its magic and you should see your first call in the web app.

Et voila! We’re taking off! You just recorded your first meeting with Wingman, so let’s show you how to review the recording.

Woah, woah, woah, woah!

Woah, woah, woah, woah!

Review call recordings

Access your calls

Go to the Wingman web app (https://app.trywingman.com/) and click on My Calls (in the left panel). Your first call recording should already be listed on this page. Click to open it.

The ‘call review’ screen is pretty intuitive—our product team can vouch for it 😆—but here’s a short explainer:

  • On the left of the screen, you can review deal details (account info from your CRM) and key call metrics (talk/listen ratio, monologue duration and engaging questions).

  • In the center, you see the meeting video and transcript, with playback controls and speaker audio graphs at the bottom.

  • On the right, you can review bookmarks, highlights, add/reply to comments, etc.

How to review calls

  • Call summary: Try navigating through your first call recording using the audio graphs or by clicking anywhere in the transcript. Or hit the play button next to any speaker to hear only what they said and nothing else!

    Super useful when you need to review what your customer said as you can skip any pauses in conversation as well as what other meeting attendees said.

  • Comments, tags and mentions: Add comments and tag teammates on relevant sections of a call recording for feedback and follow-ups. When someone comments/tags you back, you are alerted immediately via the notification center (click the bell icon at the top right corner in the web app).

  • Prospect follow-up: Following up with a customer but can’t remember every action item from the last call? Look up the last recorded call with the customer in Wingman, check deal info on the left, and go through the highlights on the right. Or search for keywords and phrases in a call transcript and quickly review previously discussed questions and objections as you prep for your follow-up.

Whoosh! You’re now flying this baby on your own! ✈️ Maybe do a few more drills or jump right into the thick of the action. Wingman will tag along silently on scheduled calls.

And we are in the air!

And we're in the air!

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