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The weather’s looking fine and so are you. Wondering how to cruise at even higher altitudes and leave the competition behind (or below)?

Here’s how our customers fly through turbulent weather, aka sales challenges, with Wingman by their side:

ABP—Always be prepared

“Oh, wait. I can’t remember what the customer wanted more information about. 😦

Was it pricing? The tech stack we support? The color of my eyes?”

Relax. With Wingman, you can quickly review key points of all previous calls with a prospect—deal overview, questions, objections, highlights and next steps—so you can move the conversation forward.

Here’s how to quickly review a recorded call before your next meeting with a prospect.

Review past calls in Wingman to Always Be Prepared!

Review past calls in Wingman to Always Be Prepared!

Pitch perfect with Battle Cards

Prospect: So, how are you different from your competitor when it comes to this totally obscure feature set that I’ll never really use but will ask about anyway just to trip you up?

You: Well, if you can just hold on while I find that information hidden in the 10-pager PDF my manager told me to read. Or maybe I can get back to you on that?

Also you: 🤦‍♀️ Cringe.

Never again! Like we covered earlier, Wingman automatically joins sales calls and shows you cues based on what’s being said during the conversation to help you field customer objections, questions, and almost everything under the blazing hot sales sun.

Get the right info at the right moment with cue cards!

Get the right info at the right moment with cue cards!

Customize battle cards to your needs

Simply go to the Wingman web app ( and click on Battle Cards or go to Workspace Setting > Manage Battle Cards to view, edit and customize them for your unique needs.

Or create a new battle card

In the Battle Cards Setup screen, click on Add Battle Card and fill in the relevant info—type in a trigger keyword, set a Category, add your talking points and hit Publish.

Creating a new cue card is easy!

Creating a new battle card is easy!

What’s more, Wingman also helps you course-correct your own behavior while on calls with long monologue alerts; you can even bookmark key moments in a single click, so they are highlighted when you’re reviewing the call later.

Watch out for monologue alerts and bookmark key moments on call!

Watch out for monologue alerts and bookmark key moments on call!

Track performance against peers

Build better habits by tracking peers’ performance on key call metrics such as monologue time, talk/listen ratio, etc. so you are more motivated to improve your own.

With all call recordings from your team listed under Team Calls in the web app, you can:

  • Review sales calls by peers to share feedback or pick up a new trick!

  • Tag your manager or fellow reps (in the Call Review screen) for feedback on specific parts of a call

  • You can also ask your manager to score your call using Wingman’s Scorecards. Here’s how.

  • Easily create and share relevant conversation snippets directly with stakeholders (in the Call Review screen, select a section of the transcript and click on Share)

Pro tip: Use Filters in the Team Call Log screen to review recordings that meet specific criteria.

For example, you can look for calls from a specific coworker, calls that ran past an hour and where Wingman detected pricing questions or even calls where a competitor was mentioned. Plus, you can save your custom filter, so when a new call matches your filter, Wingman notifies you immediately.

Creating a custom filter

Level up with game tapes!

As Lauren Bailey writes for Sales Hacker, “Learning when to say something takes a lot more time and experience than learning what to say...” But, let’s face it. Both take effort and practice.

Wingman’s answer to this perennial problem? Game tapes.

Game tapes help you easily collect and share moments from sales calls that matter, helping you (and your peers) grow as sales professionals. It’s like a highlight reel with key moments from a bunch of call recordings that YOU think are relevant. Game tapes also come in handy when you need to quickly refresh your memory and prepare for your next sales call/battle.

Add moments from recorded calls to a game tape

Add moments from recorded calls to a game tape

You can add an entire call to a game tape or even short clips from a bunch of calls. Simply select a section (or the entirety) of a recorded call, click on Add to game tape, give it a name and hit Create. That’s all. Now, go to Game Tapes (on the left) to see and share your new highlight reel. :)

Imagine how useful a game tape of discovery questions from previous calls would be as a checklist for all future sales meetings!

Some other popular game tapes that our customers set up:

  • Best objection handling with real-world examples (objections and solutions)

  • Competitors and how to address those questions

  • Product feedback to be shared with your product team

  • The best moments from your sales calls—your personal cheerleader!

Learn more about setting up Game Tapes here.

The sky is your limit, pun intended. 🚀

Need help? We crafted this flight manual with you in mind, but not all minds think alike. So if you’re stuck at some point—any point—and need help taking off, we’re eager to help.

Look for the chat button in the Wingman web app (on the bottom-right)!

Click the chat button on this page or in the Wingman web app ( to talk to our support heroes. Or email us at and we’ll come running, er, flying!

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