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Setting up Wingman for your team is as easy as 1-2-3-and-4.

  1. Do a victory dance (optional but highly recommended) 💃

Sign up

Head on to and sign up with your work email. If your team uses Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), sign up with your Google account.

Note: If your org uses an identity provider (like Okta, Auth0, VMware), all you have to do is enter your work email ID, click continue and you'll be signed in automatically.

Wingman sign up

Wingman sign up

Sync your sales tools

You will be prompted to sync Wingman with your CRM and dialer apps (and calendar, email if you are a recording user). It takes a minute, so “just do it.” (Thanks for the slogan, Nike!) 😝

This is a small step that has a huge impact, so don’t skip it!

Why? So Wingman can automatically join (or download calls from your sales team’s dialer app), record, transcribe and analyze meetings that you permit it to, and pull in relevant account/deal information.

On the other hand, syncing your email helps Wingman fetch conversations you have with your customers.

Note: Wingman currently supports calendar services by Google and Outlook.

Sync your sales tools

Note: Got a meeting you’d rather not record? You can remove Wingman from an ongoing meeting at any point—learn how to do this here.

Recording vs non-recording users

Every sales rep on Wingman is a recording user—Wingman syncs with their calendar to record, transcribe and analyze their calls. But managers can opt to be non-recording users if they don’t plan to record any calls.

Note: Non-recording users are not charged

Non-recording managers: You miss out on recording your own meetings with Wingman, but everything else is the same. Let’s skip through the how-tos for recording users and go straight to inviting your sales team onboard—click here.

Else read on.

For recording users only

There are three things to do in this section:

  • Add your voice fingerprint

  • Download the desktop app

  • Record your meeting

All of this takes just a minute or two, so here we go.

Add your voice fingerprint

Remember when we said Wingman automatically transcribes all your sales calls? Well, our AI is smart, but it needs a little help. Simply read the sample paragraph out loud so Wingman can identify you on calls. Takes just 30 seconds, but this ensures better voice recognition and more accurate call transcripts.

Record your voice fingerprint

Record your voice fingerprint

Get the desktop app

We’ve been working with the Wingman web app so far—which is what you see when you go to But for the funky stuff, real-time alerts and customized Battle Cards (for monologues, keywords, customer objections, etc.), you'll need to get the desktop app.

Why you absolutely need the Wingman desktop app!

  • Bookmark key moments on call, so you can go back to them easily later and provide feedback/coaching for your reps. This is a big deal—we’ll see why shortly.

  • See (customizable) Battle Cards in real-time as your call progresses. For example, your prospect says “me got no budget.” Real bummer, aye? Wingman automatically shows your sales reps a card with the best response for this objection, based on how you set it up for them. We’ll cover this in detail shortly.

  • Know when you (or your sales reps) drone on and on because, let’s face it: prospects (and virtually everyone) want to talk about themselves, not you. #SorryNotSorry #NoMonologues

How to download the desktop app

  • You should see a prompt to download the desktop app during signup.

Wingman app download during sign up

Wingman app download during sign up

  • Skipped it by mistake? Get the app for your PC or Mac from Settings > Downloads. Or just click here.

  • Once you’ve downloaded and installed it, launch (open) the Wingman app and sign in (with the same email you used to sign up).

Wingman desktop app

Wingman desktop app

  • Can’t see the login screen? Check in the system tray/menu bar and you’ll see the Wingman app icon. Click on the app icon to launch the app.

Wingman app in Mac menu bar

Wingman app in Mac menu bar

Wingman app in Windows system tray

Wingman app in Windows system tray

Pro tip: When sharing your screen in a video call, always share only the relevant app or browser window (not your entire desktop), so your cue cards are not accidentally shown to customers! Learn more here.

And that’s pretty much all there is to it. With the instrument check done, let’s rev up by recording your first meeting!

Record your first meeting

First things first, Wingman can join two types of calls/meetings:

  • Scheduled calls on your calendar: Wingman will only join meetings with a video link and at least one participant from an external email domain (not the same as your team). This is to avoid automatically recording internal meetings, but you can manually toggle recording on/off for scheduled meetings.

NOTE: To sync your calendar click on the Settings button on the bottom left, go to Integrations and click on the bright blue Sync button for Google Calendar.

Toggle recording on/off for scheduled meetings

Toggle recording on/off for scheduled meetings

  • Unscheduled, ad hoc calls: You can add Wingman to any ad hoc meeting. Let’s see how.

    • Start/Join your call on Zoom/Google Meet and copy the meeting link.

    • Go to (the web app) and click on Join my meeting.

Add Wingman to an unscheduled, ad hoc meeting

Add Wingman to an unscheduled, ad hoc meeting

  • The copied meeting link is pasted automatically.

  • Add an attendee's name and give the meeting a title. This is optional, but we recommend you take a few seconds to do it because when you add an attendee name, Wingman pulls up relevant info from your CRM. Plus, it’s easier to find a meeting with a title later on.

  • Click on Join meeting. Wingman will join your meeting in a few seconds.

Allow Wingman into your video meeting when prompted. Once the meeting ends, give Wingman a few minutes to work its magic and you should see your first call in the web app.

Woah, woah, woah, woah!

Woah, woah, woah, woah!

You’re ready to fly this baby on your own! ✈️ But it feels empty without your team onboard, right? That’s exactly what we do now. It’s time to bring in your posse.

Invite your sales team

Bringing your team on board is easy. Here’s what you do:

Inviting a new user to Wingman

  • Go to the Wingman web app (

  • Navigate to Workspace settings

  • Go to Manage Users.

  • Now, click on Invite User and type in an email and name.

  • Set a Role for the user—Rep, Manager or Observer

  • Specify the user's manager (optional) and click on Invite.

Repeat to invite as many reps as you need to. Your reps will receive an invitation email to join you on Wingman. You can also check progress by downloading the onboarding tracker spreadsheet (next to the Invite User button).

Don’t worry about showing them around or organizing training sessions—everyone hates a dry, boring-to-tears training sesh. We crafted a Wingman Flight Manual for Reps too, just pass it on so they are set up and ready to go in minutes.

Fasten your seat belt, we’re about to take off! 🎉

All clear for takeoff!

All clear for takeoff!

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