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Your sales superstars are now onboard and soon, there’ll be dozens of calls automatically transcribed and analyzed waiting for your review.

Let’s quickly walk you through accessing and reviewing your team’s calls so you can coach them effectively.

Better sales coaching in less time

We’ve talked of how Wingman makes you a part of every sales call, so you can coach more effectively, and now, it’s action time!

Access your team’s calls

As your sales reps come onboard, Wingman merrily tags along on scheduled calls to record, transcribe and analyze them for you. All of these sales calls are housed in the Team Call Log.

How to view all sales calls

  • Go to the Wingman web app (https://app.trywingman.com/) and click on Team Call Log (on the left). All recorded calls are listed on this page. Click to open one.

Review calls and share feedback

The ‘call review’ screen is pretty intuitive—our product team is ready to bet on this 😆—but here’s a short explainer.

How to review a call

Working with call recordings

Working with call recordings

  • On the left of the screen, you can review deal details (account info from your CRM) and key call metrics (talk/listen ratio, monologue duration and engaging questions).

  • In the center, you see the meeting video and transcript, with playback controls and speaker audio graphs at the bottom. Try navigating through a call recording using the audio graphs or by clicking anywhere in the transcript. Or hit the play button next to any speaker to hear only what they said and nothing else! Super useful when you need to review what your sales rep or customer said as you can skip any pauses in conversation as well as what other meeting attendees said.

  • On the right is what we like to call “sales coaching central.” This is where you review bookmarks, highlights, add/reply to comments, etc. Let’s see how in a little more detail.

How to share feedback

  • In any call recording, look to the right for the highlights (automatically detected by Wingman’s AI) and comments section.

  • Navigate through the recording and, at relevant points, add a comment with your feedback. Tag your sales rep, so they are notified immediately.

  • When they reply/comment/tag you back, you are alerted immediately via the notification center on the top right. Say hello to precise, actionable and effective sales coaching.

Coach your reps with actionable comments on their sales calls

Coach your reps with actionable comments on their sales calls

  • Need to review highlights and next steps from a meeting? Wingman automatically shows highlights on the right, but you can also search for keywords and phrases in the call transcript (Did they talk pricing? Competitor mentions?) to quickly review the next steps.

Find the right calls to coach on

Like we mentioned earlier, you’ve only got so many hours in a day, and even in a small sales team, the sheer volume of calls to review can become a bottleneck real fast. Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew exactly which calls you should focus your energies on? With Wingman, you can.

Creating a custom filter

Creating a custom filter

Let’s say you want to see how your sales reps are handling pricing questions. Here’s how to save a custom filter and get alerts for new matches:

  1. In the Wingman web app (https://app.trywingman.com/, click on Team Call Log.

  2. Click on More Filters to narrow down your list of call recordings based on length, competitor mentions, talk/listen ratio, categories, etc.

  3. In this case, click on Contains Categories and then Pricing.

  4. Too many search results? Try looking for a specific time period or minimum call length.

  5. Now click the Save button at the top and give your custom filter a name.

  6. Check the filter alert box to be notified when new call recordings match your filter criteria—calls where prospects asked pricing questions—and start reviewing.

Understand whether your team is following the playbook

Setting up a sales playbook is great. Coaching your team is even better. But is your team following the process you so painstakingly set up? Are they asking the right questions on sales calls to qualify prospects accurately? How are they handling objections related to, say, budget or pricing concerns?

With Wingman’s AI automatically analyzing your team’s sales calls, critical insights into your sales reps’ performance are organized into a dashboard made just for you—the Team Dashboard.

Let’s say you want to see if your reps are qualifying prospects for budget. No long list of steps to follow here! All you have to do is:

  1. Go to Team Dashboard in the web app (https://app.trywingman.com) and click on Topics.

And voila! You can see how often the ‘budget’ is coming up on sales calls, by rep and overall. ✌️

Wingman’s Topics dashboard

Wingman’s Topics dashboard

What are Topics?

Think of Topics as keywords or phrases that come up when your reps talk to prospects that tell you what’s happening on a call. Not sure what to track to begin with?

Not to worry! Wingman comes preloaded with the most popular topic categories such as Agenda Setting, Customer Goals, Blockers, Budget, Process, Authority, Timing, etc. So you can get started right out of the box.

Add a Topic

Adding a Topic is simple. You tell Wingman the topic to track with a few associated keywords or phrases to look for as it analyzes your team’s sales calls. Here’s a cool GIF (and step-by-step info if that doesn’t work for you) of adding a topic:

Adding a Topic in Wingman

Adding a Topic in Wingman

  1. In the Wingman web app (https://app.trywingman.com/), click on Settings.

  2. Under Admin Settings, click on Manage Topics.

  3. You want to know if reps are qualifying prospects for budget, so add a new topic with the name “budget qualification” and click Add Topic.

  4. Under Semantically Similar Matches, type in a phrase or two for the topic that you want to track. For example, “do you have a defined budget”, “have you allocated a budget”, “how costly is the problem” are all ways to qualify for budget.
    Wingman uses state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) systems to understand your input and find all phrases that mean the same thing. This is typically effective for longer phrases with four or more words.

  5. Need to track an exact phrase/keyword? Add it to Exact Matches and hit Enter. Repeat to add as many phrases as needed. In our example, we add “what is your budget” as an exact phrase match.

  6. Finally, specify if Wingman should look out for these topics from your sales reps or customers, or both.

Whoosh! And we’re in the air! 🛫

Wingman’s AI-powered topics tracking and search filters make you a sales monitoring wiz and help you coach more effectively so it’s all clear skies ahead as you fly.

And we are in the air!

And we are in the air!

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