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Calls are flowing in. You’ve been busy reviewing them and coaching non-stop, but a sales manager’s job is only done when deals are won. And won and won and won. You get the winning drift. 😁

In this section, we’ll see how to take your sales coaching to the next level (yes, it gets even better), jumpstart onboarding, ‘unstuck’ stuck deals, and get all the insights you need into your team and deals.

Say hello to real-time sales coaching

Prospect: So, how are you different from your competitor when it comes to this totally obscure feature set that I’ll never really use but will ask about anyway just to trip you up?

Your sales rep: Well, if you can just hold on while I find that information hidden in the 10-pager PDF my manager told me to read. Or maybe I can get back to you on that?

You (and your rep): 🤦‍♀️ Cringe.

Never again!

Once you enable Battle Cards, Wingman will automatically show your reps live cues with pitch points to field customer objections, questions, competitor mentions and almost everything under the blazing hot sales sun! It’s sales coaching made live, contextual and just in time, every time.

You need to set up your Battle Cards just once and Wingman will do the rest! But that’s not it. Wingman will also stop your reps from droning on with monologue alerts and let them bookmark important moments as well, in real time.

Note: Battle Cards are available only on the Accelerator and Enterprise plan

Customize live cue cards

Simply go to the Wingman web app ( and click on Cue Cards Setup to create, edit, view and customize them.

Get the right info at the right moment with cue cards

Get the right info at the right moment with cue cards

Create a new Battle Card

In the Battle Cards Setup screen, click on Add Battle Card and fill in the relevant info—type in a trigger keyword, set a Category, add your talking points and hit Publish. That’s it. You’re all set.

Creating a new cue card is easy!

Creating a new cue card is easy!

Keep sales call interactive

No one likes a rep (or a friend) who goes on and on. Wingman helps sales reps course-correct their behavior on calls with long monologue alerts (requires the desktop app) and you can actually specify how long is too long.

  1. Go to the Wingman web app (

  2. Click on the Settings button (on the bottom left).

  3. Under Admin Settings, click on Real-Time Coaching.

  4. Set a monologue threshold.

Watch out for monologue alerts and bookmark key moments on call

Watch out for monologue alerts and bookmark key moments on call

PS: Bookmarks are automatically enabled for your reps (provided they download the desktop app). Encourage your team to use them as a quick way to bookmark key moments and find them easily under Highlights later.

Jumpstart sales onboarding with game tapes

Still spending a week or more on onboarding new reps? What if you could cut this time by 50% or more?

Presenting game tapes. 📹

Game tapes are collections of your save-worthy, share-worthy, wow-worthy and cringe-worthy sales call. They make it easy for you to collect and share moments from sales calls that matter, helping your team grow as sales professionals.

Game tapes come in handy both when you need to onboard new sales reps and to refresh learnings for your on-the-go sales force ahead of their next sales call/battle.

For instance, a game tape of discovery questions from previous sales calls isn’t just a checklist for future meetings. It’s also a real-world highlight reel to train new reps on how-to and when to ask the right questions on call! Plus, game tapes are so easy to work with that updating new information and bringing everyone in the team up to speed happens in minutes (not days and months!).

Add moments from recorded calls to a game tape

Add moments from recorded calls to a game tape

You can add an entire call to a game tape or even short clips from a bunch of calls. Simply select a section (or the entirety) of a recorded call, click on Add to game tape, give it a name and hit Create. That’s all. Now, go to Game Tapes (on the left) to see and share your new highlight reel. :)

Need more inspiration? Here are some game tapes our customers swear will take your sales onboarding and training to the next level!

  • Real customer calls clearly showcasing “dos and don’ts” for sales onboarding

  • Best objection handling with real-world examples (objections and solutions)

  • Competitors and how to address those questions

  • Product feedback to be shared with your product team

  • The best moments from your team’s sales calls for monthly reviews

Forecast sales accurately and nudge deals along

Wait, what? That deal’s not closing this quarter?

That’s how sales pipeline reviews go off the rails—when teams rely on guesstimates, rosy projections and scrappy CRM notes that hide reality. Wingman makes this a thing of the past, so you see your sales pipeline as clear as a bright summer sky and nudge deals to close.

Keep it real with Deal Central

  • View your entire sales pipeline in one view, filter by rep, teams or deal stage, and sort it all by deal amount, last contacted date, or close date.

Deal Central in Wingman

  • Forget switching apps or tabs to find out what went wrong. Simply click on a deal to dive into the details—Wingman pulls in customer info and interactions from your CRM and dialer, collating all the details into one easy-to-digest view.

  • Found the roadblock? Tag your sales rep and add a comment right inside the deal view.

Get the insights you need to get sales done

With everything going on in your day-to-day, knowing exactly what to focus on is key to getting things done. We’re talking reps who need coaching, deals that need a nudge, and competitors with most customer mindshare.

Your Team Dashboard in Wingman helps you see all that matters, with insights into your reps, deals, competitors, and topics, all in one place.

Team Dashboard in Wingman

Team Dashboard in Wingman

How many calls did your reps make this month? How many actually connected? How’s your team doing overall?


Get a bird’s eye view of all sales calls by type (conference and dialer) with key metrics such as call duration, talk/listen ratio, and longest monologue duration. What’s more, you can quickly filter to see the number of calls that mentioned a competitor or where Wingman detected next steps, etc.

What is actually impacting your deal won/lost rates? What can you do to boost it?

Deal Insights

Break down everything that happens in your team’s sales calls to show you the differences between deals won and lost. This helps identify patterns at a glance, so you can double down on behaviors that work. So if calls where prospects had pricing concerns aren’t resulting in as many deals won, you know what to coach on.

What does your competitor landscape look like? Which ones should you be prepared for?

Competitor Insights

See all competitor mentions on all sales calls in an interactive, droolworthy donut chart. Click on a competitor name to view a list of associated calls and review so you can take effective action. Whether that’s coaching on objection handling or creating sales enablement content focused on a specific competitor.

Within your sales team, who’s ahead of the pack? And who needs coaching?

Team Insights

Serves as a leaderboard for your sales team’s performance. It shows you each sales rep’s stats against a team average on key parameters such as talk/listen ratio, longest monologue, interactivity on call, etc. Helps you coach every one of your sales reps on exactly what they need to succeed.

Are your reps qualifying prospects for budget? Are they hyping up a new feature on sales calls? How are they handling objections?


Topics is where you review your sales reps’ performance and playbook adherence with both Wingman’s AI-detected topics and your custom topic categories. Remember that budget qualification topic you created? It should be up here with data telling you how often your reps ask qualifying questions on their calls. You can track as many topics as you need to.

With Wingman by your side, sky’s the limit, pun intended. 🚀

Need help?

Need help?

You’ve got a Wingman in me. :)

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Or just email us at and we’ll come running, er, flying. ✈️

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