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How to log in to Wingman
How to log in to Wingman
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If your team has Wingman access, you can directly sign up here. Wingman will add you to your team based on email address. Here’s a short and sweet Wingman flight manual to help you fly!

Just need help logging in?

  • Fire up your favorite web browser and go to That’s the URL for the Wingman web app, add it to your bookmarks for quick access.

  • Log in with your work email (or your Google account if your team uses Google Workspace, formerly G Suite) and that’s it. You’re in.

Wingman sign in

Wingman sign in

Having trouble? Enter your email and click on Trouble logging in? Click here and we’ll email you a magic link to sign in. Check your inbox. 🧚🏼

Forgot your password? Here’s how to reset your Wingman password.

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