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How to change/reset your password
How to change/reset your password
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We’ve all forgotten a password once or twice. Or many times. So we made it easy to securely reset your Wingman password.

Wingman Sign in

Wingman sign in

  • Navigate to the Wingman web app in your browser.

  • Enter your work email and click on the Forgot Password link below.

  • Check your email for a link to reset your Wingman password and sign in.

Unable to log in with your Google account?

Double-check that your account credentials are current and that you can sign in to Google services. Here’s how to update your Google account password.

We recommend updating your Wingman password regularly. Here’s how you can change your password from the web app (and get your web browser to remember it for you):

Changing your Wingman Password

Changing your Wingman Password

  • In the Wingman web app, go to Profile settings.

  • In My Account, look to the right for the Password section.

  • Enter your current password, set a new one and hit Change Password.

  • Sign out of Wingman and sign back in with your new password.

If you’re using Google Chrome or Opera (or any modern browser really), they should immediately offer to remember the password. Say yes.

Using the Wingman desktop app? Enter the same credentials (work email or Google account) as above to log in.

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