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How to review call recordings
How to review call recordings
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Wingman’s ‘call review’ screen is pretty intuitive—our product team is ready to bet on this 😆—but here’s a short explainer:

Reviewing call recordings in Wingman

Reviewing call recordings in Wingman

  • On the left of the screen, you review deal details (account info from your CRM) and key call metrics (talk/listen ratio, monologue duration and engaging questions).

  • In the center, you see the meeting video and transcript, with playback controls and speaker audio graphs at the bottom.

  • Try navigating through a call recording using the audio graphs or by clicking anywhere in the transcript. Or hit the play button next to any speaker to hear only what they said and nothing else! Super useful when you need to review what your customer said as you can skip any pauses as well as what other participant(s) said.

  • On the right is what we call “sales coaching central.” This is where you review bookmarks, highlights, add/reply to comments, etc. Let’s see how in a little more detail.

Review a call and share feedback

Reviewing a team member’s calls or even your own for highlights and next steps? With Wingman, you can offer precise, actionable feedback on real-world sales meetings—at scale. Here’s how:

Coach your reps at scale with precise, actionable comments on their sales calls

Coach your reps at scale with precise, actionable comments on their sales calls

  • In any call recording, look to the right for the highlights (automatically detected by Wingman’s AI) and comments section.

  • Search for keywords and phrases in the call transcript (Did they talk pricing? Competitor mentions?) to quickly review next steps from the interaction.

  • Navigate through the recording and, at relevant points, add a comment with your feedback.

  • Tag relevant team members so they are notified immediately. When they reply/comment/tag you back, you are alerted immediately via the notification center on the top right.

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