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How to add a voice fingerprint
How to add a voice fingerprint
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Adding a voice fingerprint helps Wingman identify you in calls. It takes 30 seconds. You simply read out a sample paragraph to create a voice fingerprint. We recommend using the same headset you usually use during meetings.

Note: If you’ve already created a voice fingerprint while setting up your Wingman account, you don’t need to record one again.

Add a voice fingerprint in Wingman

Add a voice fingerprint in Wingman

  • In the Wingman web app, click on Profile settings.

  • Go to My Account and click on Setup Voice Fingerprint (or Record Again if you’ve previously created one).

  • Click Start and grant Wingman permission to access your microphone.

  • Read the sample paragraph out loud and hit Stop when done.

  • Click Play to ensure your voice has been recorded correctly and hit Submit.

  • Ta da! Wingman will now identify you on calls more accurately than ever.

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