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Where is my last call recording?
Where is my last call recording?
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All your call recordings are in My Calls with the most recent ones on top.

Just finished a call? Give Wingman a few moments (typically less than five minutes) to work its magic—transcribing and analysing the recording—and your most recent call will show up on the My Calls page.

Keep in mind that Wingman only joins meetings on your calendar with a video link and at least one participant from an external email domain (not the same as your team) to avoid automatically recording internal meetings. Meetings that are not on your calendar are not recorded unless you manually add Wingman to them.

My Calls shows only recorded calls by default, but check the Show unrecorded calls box to see all meetings on your calendar alongside their status—scheduled, recorded or not recorded.

Wingman > My Calls

Wingman > My Calls

Still can’t find your last call recording in Wingman? Talk to us using the in-app chat or send an email to and we’ll get it sorted out.

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