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Sync Outlook Calendar and Wingman
Sync Outlook Calendar and Wingman

Automatically join, record and analyze meetings on your schedule

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Connect your Outlook Calendar to Wingman to automatically record and analyze meetings on your schedule. You can toggle recording on/off for meetings directly from the Wingman web app.

Note: Calendar sync is available only for recording users.

To avoid recording internal meetings, Wingman will automatically join meetings with a supported video conferencing link and at least one participant from an external email domain (not the same as your team). You can override this manually, of course.

Here’s how to sync your Outlook Calendar with Wingman:

Sync integrations in Wingman

  • In the Wingman web app, click on Settings.

  • Go to Profile settings, then My Account and click on Integrations.

  • Click Sync for Outlook Calendar and give Wingman access.

  • Ta da! Wingman will now automatically record meetings scheduled on your Outlook Calendar.

Using Calendly to schedule meetings and having trouble getting Wingman to join them? Here’s how.

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