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Sync Calendly and Wingman
Sync Calendly and Wingman

Automatically join, record and analyze meetings on your schedule

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Using Calendly for hassle-free scheduling? Here’s how to make sure Wingman joins your meetings automatically.

Calendly works on top of your existing calendar service, so sync your Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar with Wingman first. It takes a second.

Now, access your Calendly account to tweak how it works with your calendar.

Calendly Settings

Calendly Settings

  • In Calendly, click the Settings button for your event and click on Edit.

  • Scroll down to Additional Settings and click on Notifications and Cancellation Policy.

  • Click on Switch to Calendar Invitations and hit Save & Close.

  • Repeat for your other Calendly events so they show up on Wingman.

To avoid recording internal meetings, Wingman will automatically join meetings with a supported video conferencing link and at least one participant from an external email domain (not the same as your team). You can toggle recording on/off for scheduled meetings directly from the Wingman web app.

Can’t find the Google/Outlook Calendar integration in Wingman? Talk to us via in-app chat or email

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