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How to update Recorder Settings
How to update Recorder Settings
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Wingman automatically joins scheduled meetings as ‘Wingman Notetaker” to record video conferences with external participants. Admins can customize the name of the bot and specify which meetings Wingman can join and record.

Note: Only Wingman admins can change recorder settings

  • In the Wingman web app, go to Workspace settings.

  • Click on Recorder Settings

  • Give your Wingman Bot a new name.

Tip: Don’t be Michael. Keep it simple. Just “Notetaker” works wonders anyway.

  • Specify which meetings Wingman should join—all meetings with external participants (the default) or only meetings with external participants that are hosted by recording users in the team.

  • Your changes are saved automatically.

Admins may also enable meeting reminders as required and customize them.

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