Meet legal and regulatory requirements with Wingman meeting reminders. Wingman admin(s) can enable and specify when these reminder emails go out. You can also customize the compliance note and button color in these emails to better reflect your brand and strike a chord with prospects.

Note: Meeting reminder is an account-level setting for the entire team, so only Wingman admins can customize it.

Enable/disable Wingman meeting reminder

Wingman Recorder Settings

Wingman Recorder Settings

  • Go to Wingman, click on Settings and then Recorder Settings.

  • Under Compliance, check or uncheck the reminder email setting.

  • Specify how early you would like to send out the reminder.

Customize Wingman meeting reminder

Customize your meeting reminder in Wingman

Customize your meeting reminder in Wingman

  • Go to Wingman Settings and click on Recorder Settings.

  • Under Compliance, click on Edit Email.

  • Add your custom note, color the Join Meeting button and hit Save.

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