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Understanding user roles and permissions
Understanding user roles and permissions

Get flexibility and control over how your teams use Wingman

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User roles give admins flexibility and control over how their teams use Wingman. Mapping users to one of the three preset roles helps you manage access effortlessly. Doing so also helps you optimize for billing, since you are billed only for recording users and others in the organization can use Wingman for free.


Customer-facing users (business development reps, account executives, sales reps, etc.) using Wingman to record, transcribe and analyze sales calls.


Sales managers and coaches that may or may not record their own calls, but use Wingman to review team calls, monitor deal activity and onboard new reps.


Stakeholders in the wider organization (within and outside the sales team) who do not use Wingman for call recording, but need visibility into sales conversations, opportunities and team dashboards.

As admin, you set the role for each new user as you invite them to Wingman. You can also enable or disable recording for specific users and switch user roles as needed.

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