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What are key call metrics?
What are key call metrics?

Hint: They help you understand call dynamics and identify winning sales behaviors

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On every sales call, Wingman automatically analyzes four key metrics that help you understand call dynamics and identify winning sales behaviors.

Key Call Metrics in Wingman

Key Call Metrics in Wingman

If you are a sales rep, key call metrics show how well you listen to prospects, how long you speak without a pause (monologues, ouch!), how interactive your sales calls are and how often you ask engaging questions.

For sales managers, key call metrics help you identify patterns and behaviors on calls that win deals—by individual reps or on a team level. This means more accurate and personalized sales coaching for reps, better calls and more revenue.

Call Review in Wingman

Call Review in Wingman

Talk/listen ratio

Listeners are better closers. But you don’t need to listen to a bunch of calls to see if that is the case in your sales meetings. Consider the talk/listen a quick barometer of call dynamics — time spent by each rep talking vs listening on a specific call or across all calls.

Longest monologue

No one likes them, least of all, your prospects. Yet monologues happen all the time. Beyond real-time alerts for reps when they go on and on, Wingman analyzes calls to show you the longest duration a rep spoke without pausing on a call.


Successful sales meetings involve dialog. Wingman automatically analyzes how often the conversation switches between the rep and customer to calculate Interactivity on a 1-10 scale (10 being the most interactive).

Engaging questions

Be it discovery or demo, winning sales meetings are built on open-ended questions. Wingman analyzes how often reps ask engaging questions that elicit long responses (over 30 seconds) from prospects on each call and across all calls.

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