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What are game tapes? How do I create one?
What are game tapes? How do I create one?

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Put simply, a game tape is a collection of calls or call snippets around a theme. You can create as many game tapes as you need — discovery calls for onboarding, objection handling tactics, competitor mentions (and how to handle them), customer stories and so on.

To create a game tape:

  • Go to any call in My Calls or Team Calls and click on Create game tape

  • Give your Game Tape a title and a description

  • Select a folder(s) to add your game tape to or create a new one

  • Hit create Create gametape

Create a gametape

Create a game tape

Add a call snippet to a game tape

Adding a call snippet to a game tape lets you share a specific moment from a meeting instead of an entire call recording. Here’s how:

Select a call snippet

Select a call snippet

  • Go to the relevant call recording in Wingman.

  • Select a snippet from the transcript.

  • Give your snippet a title and description, so team members know what this call is about

  • Click on Create game tape.

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