Alert: Effective Jan 31st 2022, the consent page is enabled by default.

Wingman's customizable recording consent page is displayed to all participants before they join a meeting. Here's how it works to ensure compliant call recordings.

Note: Works only with Google Calendar, for now.

Wingman's Recording Consent page

Let your brand shine through with your logo and a message that speaks like you do. Or disable the consent page if you need to (admin-only). Here's how:

  1. Go to Wingman Settings

  2. In Admin Settings, click on Recorder Settings

    Customize your recording consent page
  3. Upload your company logo

  4. Customize your recording disclaimer and hit Save

  5. Enable the consent page only for specific teams (or disable it for all)

  6. Ask your recording users to re-sync their calendars in Wingman

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