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Wingman Mobile App
Intro to the Wingman mobile app
Intro to the Wingman mobile app

Wingman for mobile is now available for Android and iPhone

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Listen to sales calls recordings on the go. Hit play, lock your phone and move on.

With Wingman for mobile, you can:

  • Read transcripts to review calls faster than ever.

  • Request for and share coaching feedback via comments.

  • View upcoming meetings (and stakeholders) at a glance.

  • Toggle recording on/off for an upcoming call with one tap.

  • Share the voice of your customer with marketing and product.

Note: Wingman doesn’t ask for permissions to view any data on your phone.

Wingman Mobile App

Sign in to Wingman for mobile

  • Use your work email account (that you use on the Wingman web app). That's it.

Don't have an account?

  • If your organization uses Wingman, but you don’t have an account, please ask your admin to add you as an Observer. Observers can listen to all calls for free but cannot record meetings.

  • If your organization doesn’t use Wingman yet, sign up for a demo here and we’ll help you get started.

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