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How Wingman's consent page works
How Wingman's consent page works

Or how to ensure your meeting recordings are compliant

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Alert: Effective Jan 31st, 2022, the consent page is enabled by default.

Wingman's recording consent page helps ensure that your call recordings are compliant. It's displayed to all participants before they join a meeting.

Note: Works only with Google Calendar, for now.

Want the recording consent page for your team? Talk to us via the chat button in Wingman or email us at

How it works

Note: You need to be a recording Wingman user and the meeting organizer for the consent page to appear and for the email reminder to be sent.

Note: When you attend a meeting organized by an external participant, Wingman will record that call but will not display the consent page nor will it send out the email reminder because you are not the meeting organizer.

Once the consent page is enabled for your team in Wingman, recording users need to re-sync their calendar.

  • All meetings where you are the host are updated to reflect the change. A meeting link that usually says “Join with Google Meet” is updated to “Join Google Meet via Wingman”. This also works with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and BlueJeans.

  • When your prospects click on the link, they’re taken to the customizable consent page with meeting info and a recording disclaimer. Clicking Join Meeting takes attendees to the regular Google Meet or Zoom link in a new tab.

  • The consent page changes to give prospects an option to request a copy of the recording. When they do, an email is immediately sent to the meeting organiser.

Wingman's consent page can be customized by your admin. So let your brand shine through with your logo and a message that speaks like you do. Learn more.

Customize your consent page

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