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What are Deal Boards? How do I create one?
What are Deal Boards? How do I create one?

Create multiple pipeline views in your Deal Central

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Need dedicated pipeline views in Deal Central for each team or team member? You can do just that by creating as many Deal Boards as you need to.

So you can set columns, change sort order, stack filters (Deal Views) and enable flexible alerts — all without disturbing the default company Deal Board.

Your Deal Boards

Create a new Deal Board

Creating and customizing your new Deal Board is easy! Here's how:

  • In Deal Central, click on the Deal Boards dropdown

  • Click on the Create Deal Board button

Create a new Deal Board
  • In the General tab, give your Deal Board a title

  • Specify Admin(s) — they can edit your Deal Board

  • Specify Viewer(s) — they can view but not edit your Deal Board

Set admins and viewers for your Deal Board
  • In the Columns tab, click on the Select Field dropdown next to Add Column

  • Select the column fields you want to add to your Deal Board

Add the columns you want
  • Drag and drop to reorder columns as you like

  • Hit Finish

Note: Add as many Deal Views in your new Deal Board — for at-risk opportunities, closed won, closed lost, etc. — as you need. Learn more.

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