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Moving to Game Tapes 2.0
Moving to Game Tapes 2.0

Learn how to reorganize your tapes

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Game Tapes has a whole new look and we'd like to help make the move as easy as possible for you.

Note: When you first visit Game Tapes 2.0, all your previously recorded tapes will be organized into individual folders. But it's easy to get organized.

We recommended that you re-organizing your folders to take advantage of the new subfolder structure. Create a maximum of 5-10 major folders, so it's easy for everyone to browse through Gametapes.

You can then create subfolders inside each of these major folders and put all your tapes inside them.

Game Tapes 2.0

Game Tapes 2.0

As stated before, Game Tapes can now be organized into folders and subfolders.

You can:

  • Create new folders and subfolders

  • Name and give descriptions to your folders and subfolders

  • Make folders Public or Private

  • Move folders around

  • Duplicate Gametapes

  1. Create a new folder

    1. You can start by creating folders around topics to store tapes.

      Example: Demo call tapes, elevator pitch best practices, Outbound SDR tapes etc.

      Create a new folder

  2. Create a subfolder

    1. Go to any folder

    2. Click Create Folder

    3. Give it a a name and description

    4. Set it's visibility to Public or Private

    5. Hit Create

  3. Edit and rename existing folders

    1. Give the folder a new name and description

    2. Choose to make the folder Public or Private

      Edit and rename your folder

      Edit and rename your folder

  4. Move folders around

    1. Just click on Move

    2. Select a folder or click the + symbol to view subfolders

    3. Hit Move

      Note: It is possible to create only 1 level of subfolders

  5. Duplicate Gametapes

    1. Click the three dots at bottom right of any tape

    2. Click Duplicate

    3. Select a folder or subfolder to duplicate into

    4. Hit Copy

      Duplicate Gametapes
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