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What is Autocorrect? How do I use it?
What is Autocorrect? How do I use it?

Improve transcription accuracy using Autocorrect

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In the past we've talked about Wingman's transcription accuracy and how it stacks up against other speech to text tech, here. But, we're always working to improve and so we built the new 'Autocorrect' feature.

Autocorrect allows you to replace common incorrectly transcribed words with a correct word of your choice in all subsequent recordings.

  • Go to settings

  • Click on Autocorrect under Admin Settings

    Improve transcription accuracy with Autocorrect
  • Click on Add new word

  • Enter an incorrectly transcribed word(s)

  • Enter a replacement word and hit Submit
    Note: Use a comma(s) after a word to add more than one incorrect word

Replace incorrect words

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