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How do Dialers sync with Wingman?
How do Dialers sync with Wingman?

Prerequisites to ensure a smooth syncing process

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Dialers are applications that assist reps in making outbound calls while also recording those interactions. Audio and video.

Note: Wingman does not record your calls, instead we obtain the recording from your dialer and then proceed to transcribe and analyze it.

Here's a list of dialers that Wingman integrates with

To ensure Wingman integrates with dialers seamlessly:

  • Ensure your email address on Wingman and on the dialer are identical

  • Be an admin or have admin access to the dialer to enable sync with Wingman

  • Recording must be enabled within the dialer. You'll find this option in the

    dialer settings

  • You'll need to be a recording user on Wingman to transcribe and analyze call recordings

  • All recording users will need to complete a voice fingerprint

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