Deal alerts are warnings that Wingman sends to a Slack channel(s) of your choice. You will receive warnings only for:

  • Deals that have not been assigned a status of 'closed won' or 'closed lost'

  • Deals that have an approaching close date

  • Deals that have passed a close date:

Here's what a deal alert looks like:

Actionable deal alerts

Actionable deal alerts

All deal alerts are actionable, i.e., you can:

  • Update CRM info like 'Deal Stage' and 'Close Date' right from Slack

  • View the last conversation with a prospect in Wingman

  • Start a discussion with the deal owner to work on closing the deal

Note: Options to 'Change Deal Stage' and 'Change Close Date' are available only to Wingman admins.

Learn how to set up Deal Alerts here.

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