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How do I set up Deal Alerts?
How do I set up Deal Alerts?

Customize the way you receive deal alerts

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We made sure Deal Alerts are as flexible as possible, so you receive only what's important to you and at just the right time, in Slack.

Here's how you can set up Deal Alerts:

  • Head over to Deal Central

  • Click on the bell icon

  • Click the toggle button to enable Deal Alerts

Enable Deal Alerts

Once you've enable Deal Alerts, you can:

  • Set up alerts for a specific team(s)

  • Specify a minimum deal amount to receive alerts for

  • Choose how many weeks in advance you want to receive alerts for deals with an upcoming close date

  • Choose how many weeks post a close date you receive alerts for

  • Set up notification intervals right down to the month, day and time

  • Choose to receive alerts through Slack and email

Deal Alerts settings
  • And finally, you can choose to receive alerts for all deals or just for specific views

Note: You can set up Deal Alerts for each deal board.

Learn more about Deal Alerts here.

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