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Wingman is now Wingman by Clari 💙
Wingman is now Wingman by Clari 💙

Here’s everything you need to know

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Wingman is now a Clari Company

Who is Clari and what do they do?

  • Clari is the leader in revenue collaboration and governance, providing the only enterprise platform to run the most important business process: revenue.

    Clari’s revenue platform connects all revenue-critical employees, processes and systems to drive a breakthrough in revenue precision.

    Revenue professionals at companies including Okta, Adobe and Zoom trust Clari to make their revenue processes more connected, efficient and predictable. You can learn more at

Why are Wingman and Clari joining forces?

  • We started with a focus on making each and every sales interaction, demo or call, better. These interactions are, we believe, the building blocks of any successful sale.

    And from there, we have continued to use these building blocks to improve the overall revenue outcome, going from conversations and deals, to pipeline reviews and forecasting.

    Teaming up with Clari is a natural progression in that journey of going from micro details to macro impact.

How does this acquisition affect our current relationship with Wingman?

  • This acquisition does not affect our current relationship in any way and we'll continue to work with you as we always have — same contract, same prices.

    You can, however, look forward to a better product, faster feature updates, and more possibilities for you.

    Wingman will continue as a standalone product and sales teams can continue to buy Wingman licenses just as they do today.

Will we continue to have access to our Wingman account?

  • Yes, everything remains as is and you can continue to access your Wingman account. No changes in the login URL, your password or anything else.

Does this mean we will now have access to the Clari platform as well?

  • Not automatically, but if you are interested, please reach out to your success manager or email us at

Will our CSM (Wingman SPOC) change?

  • No, we love working with you folks! Your success manager will continue to work with you.

We are also a Clari customer, what does this mean for us?

  • Great — you’ll soon be able to access all the Wingman magic within your Clari account. We are working on the product integration and will share more details as they become available.

Where can I find out more about the acquisition?

  • You can read this letter from our founders on our blog here, or sign up for an AMA with our customers via this link.

Do I continue to reach out to Wingman for support or does that change?

Will there be a Wingman <> Clari product integration?

  • Yes! We are working out the details, so expect more news soon.
    PS: We’d love to hear from you! Talk to your success manager and tell us what you want.

If I am interested in Clari, how can I get a demo or trial?

Something we missed? Reach us via chat (in-app) or email (

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