What are topics?

Understand what topics are learn how to add your own

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Think of Topics as keywords or phrases that come up during conversations between reps and prospects.

Topics added to your Wingman account will appear as tags in call transcripts so you can:

  • Easily identify the subject of the conversation at different points during the call

  • Filter and find calls by topics discussed

Topics detected in call transcript

Default Topics

Wingman comes preloaded with the most popular topic categories such as Agenda Setting, Customer Goals, Blockers, Budget, Process, Authority, Timing, etc. So you can get started right out of the box.

Add a custom Topic

Adding a Topic is simple. You tell Wingman the topic to track with a few associated keywords or phrases to look for as it analyzes your team’s sales calls.

Here's how you can add a custom topic:

Note: You will need to be an admin to add and manage topics

  1. Navigate to 'Manage topics' in 'Workspace settings'

  2. Click 'Add topic'

  3. Give your topic a name to create a category

  4. Select whether Wingman should detect if the phrases spoken by:

    • The reps

    • Customers

    • Both the rep and customer

  5. Enter a few semantically similar matches

  6. Enter a few exact matches

  7. Hit 'Submit'

Add a custom topic

That's it.

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