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What are post-call actions? How do I set them up?
What are post-call actions? How do I set them up?
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Probably the best thing since sliced bread — for sales, at least.

Jokes aside, post-call actions are intelligent alerts that save you time on everyday sales workflows such as call reviews, updating CRM and follow-up emails—from your Slack.

No more back and forth between your CRM, notes, email app and half a dozen browser tabs after every call. All it takes is a click and Wingman does the heavy-lifting for you.

How it works

Moments after your call ends, an actionable summary pops up in your Slack.

Your Next Steps

Wingman automatically brings up next steps from your conversations. Need to review the full recording? You can do that too.

Send Follow-up Email

No more drafting emails. A click and you have a pre-filled email with recipient info, next steps discussed, even a link to the call recordings, so you never miss a follow-up.

Update CRM

Salesforce or HubSpot, keeping your CRM up to date has never been so easy. Update contact information, opportunity data, forecasting fields, or even your notes in just a few clicks—all from Slack. Everything’s synced immediately.

How to set up your post-call Actions

For all Actions, your Slack workspace needs to be connected to Wingman. It’s easy enough to do so, but needs admin privileges. Learn more.

To configure your post-call Actions:

  1. Go to Profile Settings in your Wingman web app.

  2. Click Notifications on the left and check the box next to Actions in Slack.

  3. Now, customize your post-call Actions down to the tee.

    1. Message timing: Specify when you want post-call actions — after each meeting or at the end of the day.

    2. Follow-up email templates: Select one of the available templates or create your own variation.

    3. Opportunity field groups: Select one of the CRM field groups available or create one with the data fields you need.

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