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What are Call Tags?
What are Call Tags?

Organize calls easily using tags

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Call Tags in Wingman keep your calls organized and help you find them easily.

By default, Wingman automatically detects and tags your calls based on the meeting title. Scroll to the bottom of this page to view default tags. Or click here.

Here's how to set up custom tags:

  1. Go to any call

  2. Hit the '+' icon in the 'TAGS' section (see image below)

  3. Give your tag a title and hit enter

    That's it!

Here's a list of default tags that Wingman uses to tag your calls:


  • Calls are tagged based on words that appear in your meeting title

  • Default tags are applied when Wingman detects an exact match of any of the words in the list below in your meeting title

  1. "Demo"

  2. "Discovery"

  3. "Trial"

  4. ["Standup", "Stand up", "Stand-up"]

  5. "Intro", "Introduction"

  6. "Walk Through"

  7. "Review"

  8. "Weekly Sync", "Monthly Sync", "Sync", "Quick Sync"

  9. "Working Session"

  10. "Best Practices"

  11. "Prep"

  12. "Next Step/s"

  13. "Followup/s", "Follow up/s", "Follow-up/s"

  14. "Proposal"

  15. "Handover"

  16. "Check in", "Checkin", "Check-in"

  17. "Training"

  18. "Status"

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