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What are pre-call actions? How do I set them up?
What are pre-call actions? How do I set them up?
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Pre-call actions are intelligent alerts that save you time on everyday sales workflows such as researching prospects and reviewing previous conversations—from your Slack.

How it works

Before every sales call, Wingman sends you an actionable Slack alert with meeting info and prospect intel.

Meeting & Prospect Intelligence

Who’s the prospect? What’s do they do at the company? What does the company do? How big is the team? Recent news from LinkedIn? All the insights you need, in a click.

Join Call

No more running around to find that elusive meeting link right before a call. Go straight to your Zoom/Google Meet/Microsoft Teams meeting from Slack.

View Last Call

Can’t remember what you and your prospect talked about last month? One click and you can review your previous conversations for highlights, next steps and more.

View CRM Info

Need to dive deeper into a deal? View any opportunity field from your CRM, in Slack.

How to set up your pre-call Actions

For all Actions, your Slack workspace needs to be connected to Wingman. It’s easy enough to do so, but needs admin privileges. Learn more.

To configure your pre-call Actions:

  1. Go to Profile Settings in your Wingman web app.

  2. Click Notifications on the left and scroll down to Actions in Slack.

  3. Check the box next to pre-call Actions and specify when you want to receive them — 30 minutes before each meeting or at the start of your day.

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