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Billing at Wingman
Billing at Wingman
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How does Wingman charge customers?

Wingman charges for every recording user. The price per user depends on the plan that you're on. Learn more about Wingman's plans here.

How to manage recording users?

Only Wingman admins can manage if someone in their org is a recording user or not. Learn more on how to manage users here.

How are new recording users billed?

Newly added recording users are charged on a pro-rata basis from the date of addition to the next subscription renewal date.

How do I view subscription details?

Admins can view subscription details by:

  1. Navigating to 'Workspace settings' > 'Manage Users'

  2. Click on View billing details

Note: To reduce the number of recording users in your org, reach out to Changes made will take effect on the next subscription renewal date.

You can view:

  1. Charges for newly added users in your org (Updated at 11:00 am IST every day)

  2. Your next invoice amount and subscription renewal date

Reach out to for any other queries.

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