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Copilot for Admins: The Definitive Guide
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Admins in Copilot

Making sure conditions are just right for take-off and a turbulent-free flight straight up depends on error-free ground control. And that’s you, Copilot admins!

You play a crucial role in ensuring reps and managers take advantage of Copilot’s full potential to win more deals while avoiding any bird strikes.

Let’s look at the ins and outs of being a Copilot admin.

Create your Wingman account

Admins are the first to log into their orgs Wingman account. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Enter your email > set a password and hit sign-up

  2. Click the link in the email you receive from Wingman to verify your email

Select your role

Unless recording calls is necessary, admins usually opt to be an ‘Observer-non recording’. You can change this anytime, you are after all an admin. 😝

Note: We do recommend all admins to be recording users so they can experience full functionality of Wingman such as:

  1. Recording, transcription and analysis of calls

  2. Live Bookmarks and Battle Cards

  3. And Actionable alerts

Why? So you can guide your team to be a more efficient sales unit and to make the best use of Wingman.

SSO and SSO Provisioning


Single Sign On (SSO) is a central authentication service that enables users within an org to login to Wingman using one credential through their SSO provider (ex: Okta, Rippling). This means users won't have to remember separate login credentials for Wingman. Enable SSO here with one click.

Note: SSO is available for Enterprise plans only.

SSO Provisioning

SSO Provisioning is a directory sync service. Wingman admins that have access to their org's SSO directory can manage Wingman users using their SSO provider's platform (Ex: Okta, VMware, Rippling). Admins can invite users, change roles and even revoke access when they leave the org, all from one platform. Enable SSO Provisioning here.

Note: SSO Provisioning is available for Enterprise plans only.


Integrate your calendar and email

Integrating your calendar is good practice to ensure your meetings are synced and ready to be recorded by Wingman, should you choose to be a recording user.

Integrating your email with Wingman ensures Wingman fetches conversations you have with your customers.

Integrate Slack

Does your org use Slack? If yes, great! Because Wingman works with Slack to send you real-time actionable alerts that help make your team hyper-efficient.

From deal warnings to pre/post-call alerts, Wingman’s Slack integration is a game changer in sales productivity. Learn to connect Wingman and Slack.

Note: Once you integrate Slack for your team, nudge them to activate Actions in Slack. Learn about actions here.

Integrate Slack with Wingman

Download the Wingman desktop app (Optional)

Wingman desktop app is primarily used by reps to bookmark important points and to bring up Battle Cards during conversations, in real-time. But, if you choose to be a recording observer, downloading the desktop app can help you get familiar with how live Bookmarks and Live Battle Cards work. Download the desktop app here.

Download the Wingman mobile app (Optional)

Download and sign into the Wingman mobile app to get familiar with how reps and managers can:

  1. Read transcripts to review calls faster than ever.

  2. Request for and share coaching feedback via comments.

  3. View upcoming meetings (and stakeholders) at a glance.

  4. Toggle recording on/off for an upcoming call with one tap.

  5. Share the voice of your customer with marketing and product.

Download the mobile app here.

Note: Wingman doesn’t ask for permission to view any data on your phone.

Connect your org's CRM

This is a super duper important step and all it takes is one click, literally. Connecting your CRM to Wingman ensures the following data is synced and kept up to date between the two systems:

  1. Call recording link

  2. Conversations across dialers and email

  3. Opportunity, deal and account info

To sync your CRM:

  1. Go to your workspace settings

  2. Click on ‘Integrations’

  3. Click the ‘Connect’ button against the CRM system that your org uses

Find and connect your CRM here.

That’s it! Wingman will automatically begin syncing data.

Note: Set up CRM fields to sync in Wingman here.

Note: You need to be a Wingman admin to sync CRM

Find and connect your CRM with Wingman

Manage notifications

As a Wingman admin, you can set up the type of notifications your org receive.

Email Notifications

  1. Comment Notifications

    Notify users when a comment is added to a call they attended

  2. User Onboarding Reminders

    Reminder recording users to complete their integrations

  3. Manager Onboarding Status Emails

    Brief managers on the onboarding status of their reps

  4. Call Scored

    Notify reps when their calls are scored

Slack Notifications

  1. Comments made

    Notify users when a comment is added to a call they attended

  2. Call Scored

    Reps are notified when their call(s) is scored

Manage notifications you receive

Real-time coaching

Activating real-time coaching in Wingman notifies reps when their monologues cross a threshold, which can be customized by you. Edit threshold.

Watch out for monologue alerts and bookmark key moments on call

Monologue alerts in Wingman's desktop app

Recording and consent

Wingman automatically joins scheduled meetings as ‘Wingman Notetaker’ to record video conferences with external participants. Admins can customize the name of the bot (Accelerator plan onwards) and specify which meetings Wingman can join and record. Learn how to edit recorder settings here. Or edit now here.

Further, Wingman's recording consent page helps ensure that your call recordings are compliant. It's displayed to all participants before they join a meeting. Learn how Wingman’s consent page works.


Wingman is committed to complying with your local rules and regulations regarding recording compliance. It’s important to understand how recording compliance works and the best practices around it.

Manage users

Managing users is an important bit for admins. You can invite users, assign/change their roles and toggle recording access on/off for anyone in your org. Manage users here. Or Learn how to manage users. Or Understand user roles and permissions.


You probably know this already, but current transcription technology cannot achieve 100% transcription accuracy. More on that here.

Wingman’s autocorrect feature allows you to replace common incorrectly transcribed words with a correct word of your choice in all subsequent recordings. Set up Autocorrect here.

Manage topics

Topics are a cluster of keywords that your sales/customer-facing teams might want to track. From competitor names and prices to features and negative words, Wingman topics can help you track conversations based on keywords.

Setting up keywords right from the start ensures Wingman begins tracking them immediately and reps and managers can search for them without missing any instances. Learn to set up topics. Or set up topics now here.

Scorecard Settings

Call Scorecards in Wingman enable managers to score reps' calls with context while listening to their recordings. Over time, managers can view trends to identify and adopt winning sales tactics. among reps. Learn about Call Scorecards in Wingman. Or set them up here.

That's it, Admins!

Phew! That was a lot. Think you need help setting up? Get in touch at

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