Wingman transcribes recorded calls by using an Automatic Speech Recognition system to identify speakers and turn speech-to-text, Wingman then passes each transcript through Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms for contextual analysis.

Too jargony? Read more about Wingman's transcription accuracy here.

Which languages does Wingman support for transcription?

Wingman supports transcription in 14 languages but limits the number of languages that can be transcribed per account to 4. To activate multi-language support, reach out to or your Customer Success Manager. For a full list of supported languages, see here.

How does multi-language support help?

Multi-language support is helpful in two situations:

  1. When recording users at your company speak a variety of languages

  2. Recording users interact with prospects in regions that speak a different language.

  3. If a recording user's speech pattern switches between languages, Wingman's multi-language support will attempt to transcribe both languages,

Transcription accuracy

Transcription in English is the most accurate (85%) compared to other languages, which are significantly lower.


Transcription technology depends on accumulating datasets for languages that aid in its ability to accurately convert speech-to-text. And since English is widely spoken, it has the largest data sets available for training speech-to-text models.

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