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What are Smart Summaries in Wingman?
What are Smart Summaries in Wingman?

Learn about Smart Summaries and how to set it up

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Smart Summaries delivers automatic call summaries, next steps, and suggested actions in Slack in a conversational format, so you can say goodbye to the post-call horror of analyzing meeting notes and trying to remember everything your buyer said.

And also because we're wired to absorb and remember information that's in a conversational format. Here's what a Smart Summary powered by ChatGPT looks like:

How do I enable Smart Summaries?

  1. Connect Wingman to your orgs Slack workspace. It's super easy and takes just a click. Learn how here.
    Note: You will require admin privileges to perform this action

  2. Configure post-call actions:
    Note: Post-call actions must be configured at the user level.

    1. Go to Profile Settings in your Wingman web app.

    2. Click Notifications on the left and check the box next to Actions in Slack.

    3. Specify when you want post-call actions — after each meeting or at the end of the day.

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