Desktop App 2.0
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Take a look at our demo to see the app in action!

Onboarding and user experience:

  • The app has a new interface.

  • The login flow has been improved for a quicker experience.

  • See your upcoming meetings directly from the pre-call screen and toggle the recording feature for each call. The meeting status is now visible, indicating if it's an ad hoc call if the bot is connected and if it's in a connecting state.

  • Disconnect live calls and stop recordings using the "Disconnect call" option.

  • Bookmark feature improvements:

  • Create personalized bookmark categories in your Personal Settings. “Customer story,” “Positive Moments,” “Feature Request,” and “Follow Up” are default categories if no other categories are created.

  • Select a category while bookmarking a moment in the desktop app live-to-call window, or the moment will automatically fall under the default "Bookmarked Moments" category.

  • View, search, comment on, and share bookmarked moments with others on the Call Review page under Highlights -> Bookmarks.

  • Select transcripts from the call review page and bookmark them under the categories even after the call is over.

  • To see all the calls with specific bookmark categories, utilize the "Contains bookmark" filter.

Battle cards feature improvements:

  • Battle cards have been revamped to appear as small tags in the live call widget, which you can click to view the full content of the card.

  • When multiple keywords match a card, all the matching cards display. You can choose which one to use based on the context of the conversation.

  • Searching for Battle cards is easier than ever, and you can search for relevant cards directly from the desktop app or the live call widget.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Is there a distinction between calls that go through the desktop app and those that do not utilize the desktop app? Calls that go through the desktop app are transcribed in real-time, allowing for features like battle cards to detect specific words and trigger relevant cue cards during the call. On the other hand, calls that do not use the desktop app will be transcribed only after the call has ended. These calls are termed ‘offline calls’ internally.

  2. Is it possible to use any functionality of the desktop app for offline calls? Yes! For offline calls, desktop app functionality like bookmarking still works. However, battle cards and monologue alerts are disabled for such calls. For more information, click here.

  3. What is the time frame for selecting a category after bookmarking during the call? After a moment has been bookmarked, users would have 10 seconds to select a category, or the moment will fall under the general category called “Bookmarked Moment”.

  4. Is enable/disable demo mode also available for customers? No, this functionality is only available for internal users.

  5. If I add/delete categories from my personal profile, will it be reflected everyone in the org? Yes! If you add or delete categories from your personal profile, it would be updated org-wide.

  6. Who can bookmark from the call review page? Everyone who has access to the call can bookmark a piece of the transcript from the call review page.

Key Board shortcuts:

Key combinations



Bookmarking. Use the Tab key to switch between categories


Open a modal to search battle cards


Open a modal to disconnect Wingman from a call.


Enable/disable the demo mode (for internal users).

Take a look at our demo to see the app in action!

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