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Wingman’s Smart Battlecards analyze and synthesize the text from long-form content, transforming it into short, practical bullet points that capture the info most relevant to you and your team.

Smart Battlecards require zero manual data entry—just upload your file, and boom ⚡ you've got a Battlecard.

Use cases

  1. Sales Enablement: Smart Battlecards can transform long-form enablement content into concise action items for your team.

  2. Marketing Managers: A marketing manager can ensure that sales reps use consistent messaging and branding with potential customers.

  3. Sales Training and Development: A sales trainer can conduct training sessions for new sales reps. They can provide the trainees with practical, digestible information to help them succeed on calls.

How To Use Smart Battlecards

  1. Log in to your Wingman and click Battle Cards on the left menu bar, or go to Workspace Settings and select Manage Battle Cards to create a new one.

  2. Click on the Add Battle Card button (top right) to create a new battle card. Then you'll see this:

  3. Choose whether you want to create a new Battlecard from scratch or auto-generate it using Smart Battlecards.

  4. If you choose to create a new Battlecard from scratch, you will be directed to the Battlecard editor, where you can enter the content for your Battlecard manually.

  5. If you choose to use Smart Battlecards to auto-generate a battle card, you will be prompted to upload your content in one of the supported file formats: Plain text, PDF, .txt, .pptx, .docx.

  6. Otherwise, you can copy-paste the text into the text box provided.

  7. Once you upload your content, the Smart Battlecards feature will analyze and synthesize the text to generate talking points and trigger words that are most relevant and important for sellers to know.

  8. You can then edit the talking points and trigger words based on your requirements and select a category you want to publish your card in.

  9. Once you're ready, you can directly publish the card or save it in draft mode to publish it later.

  10. Your Battlecard will now be available for your reps to use. Whenever reps use the trigger words you configured, the Battlecard name will appear in the battle chip, and reps can select the chip to see the content of the card.

That's it! You're ready to use Smart Battlecards. Prefer video? See it in action here.

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