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Wingman FAQs
Wingman FAQs
From password reset to call reviews—how-tos to get sales done.
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Moving to Game Tapes 2.0
How do I set up Deal Alerts?
Recording Compliance with Wingman
How to use Wingman with Zoom
What are call scorecards? How do I use them?
How do I access Wingman settings?
Wingman is now Wingman by Clari 💙
Desktop App 2.0
Multi-language transcription in Wingman
Smart Battlecards
What is Autocorrect? How do I use it?
What are Smart Summaries in Wingman?
How to update Wingman's desktop app
What are topics?
What are Call Tags?
How do Dialers sync with Wingman?
How to track call performance improvements?
What are Deal Boards? How do I create one?
What are deal alerts?
Wingman transcription and language support
What are pre-call actions? How do I set them up?
Billing at Wingman
How Wingman's consent page works
How to record an ongoing call
How do I create a custom scorecard?
What are post-call actions? How do I set them up?
How to customize or disable your consent page
How to upload a call recording to Wingman
How to update deal info in Wingman
How to customize deal warnings
What are deal views? How do I create one?
What are game tapes? How do I create one?
How do I download a call transcript?
What are key call metrics?
How to manage users in Wingman
Understanding user roles and permissions
How to enable Wingman meeting reminder
How to update Recorder Settings
How to download or share a call recording
Where is my last call recording?
How to add bookmarks on a sales call
How to change your Wingman bot’s display name
How to change/reset your password
How to turn recording off for a scheduled meeting
How to manually add Wingman to a meeting
How to access call recordings
How to review call recordings
How to install the Wingman desktop app
How to record scheduled meetings
How to add a voice fingerprint
How to search for a specific call recording
How to log in to Wingman